If He Does These 15 Things BEFORE You’re Dating, It’ll Be Even Worse Once He’s Your Boyfriend


1. He stares at his phone during dates. The flirting stage is when he’s meant to pay the most attention to you and dating is when he’s meant to get lazy. So if he’s ignoring you now, he’s going to neglect you even more later.

2. He gives you backhanded compliments. Once you two are official, and he thinks you won’t leave, those subtle jabs will turn into straight up insults. It might even turn into physical abuse.

3. He doesn’t give AF about his appearance. If he shows up to your first date in pajama pants, imagine what he’ll wear once he gets comfortable around you.

4. He doesn’t put in any effort to make you happy. If he doesn’t bother to text you first or go down on you in the bedroom when he’s still trying to impress you, that’s never going to change.

5. He tells you what to wear or what not to wear. If he thinks he has control over you now, once he’s your official boyfriend, he’s going to be bossing you around nonstop.

6. He never listens to you. If he isn’t paying attention to your anecdote about meeting Neil Patrick Harris (the most entertaining story in your archives) then there’s no way he’s going to listen to your boring complaints about work when you come home each day.

7. He forces you to do things you’re uncomfortable with during sex. Once he’s your official boyfriend, he’ll feel even more entitled to anal and BJs.

8. He starts ridiculous fights with you. If he’s always making a big deal out of little things, he loves drama. Much more than he loves you.

9. He acts like you owe him. But you don’t owe him sex or kisses or even a second of your time. If he gets any of those things, it’s because you want to give them to him. Not because he’s entitled to them.

10. He’s drunk every single time you see him. Sure, some guys drink to feel more confident around pretty girls. But if you never see him without a drink in his hands, then there’s a good chance he’s on his way to alcoholism.

11. He treats you like shit in public. There’s no excuse for this. If he makes fun of you in front of his friends now, it’ll only get worse once he can start calling you his “ball and chain.”

12. He’s lied to you one too many times. Once you’re officially his girlfriend, expect him to lie to you more, not less. After all, he won’t want to get in trouble with you.

13. He’s rude to your waiter. Today, he’s mean to him. Tomorrow, he’ll be mean to you.

14. He has zero respect for women. Unfortunately, dating you isn’t going to destroy his misogyny. So don’t date him in the hopes of changing him. It isn’t going to work out well for you.

15. He makes you feel uneasy. There’s a difference between butterflies in the stomach and having a bad gut feeling. If you think he’s bad news, then don’t date him. Don’t even give him a chance.