If He Doesn’t Give You The Love That You Deserve, Leave


Don’t wait around for someone to appreciate you. Don’t wait around for someone to change. Never hope that if you stay for a bit more, he’ll look at you differently, the way that you always have dreamt it to be. Don’t cling onto small hopes for it will never go big. Chances are if he can’t appreciate you as you are today, he never will in the future. So let go. Go somewhere else where your efforts and existence are seen as light of day.

Have fun being alone or with someone else, it’s up to you. But leave.
Pack your bags and never look back. Because no, another night with him is not going to make him pull the ring out for you. And that “i like you” and “ i want you” would always mean “i want to fuck you;” it won’t mean more than that. Save yourself from that selfish A-hole, who doesn’t know what he wants, but still wants you to stay with him for as long as he needs you be.

You will never be happy. You won’t be happy knowing that the amount of love and effort that you give him isn’t reciprocated, let alone appreciated. You’ll get tired of expending energy thinking of ways to make him “like you, like you.”Just think of it this way, you’re not a good fit for him, you don’t complete his puzzle, and it will go on unsolved no matter how much time or strategies you devise to win him over. It’s going to be a part of your life that will forever be a mystery, and you need to leave it as is.

Don’t ever think of begging him to give you a reason as to why he couldn’t be in a relationship with you. Guess what, he’s only going to say that his life is complicated and that he doesn’t want you to be in on it. Or he’s not ready yet because of blah blah blah. Those are bullshit, given by a coward to a powerful woman who wants to know what. So cut it out and just leave.

You don’t deserve his indecisive mind. You don’t deserve his stupid ways. Because if he is what you think he is, he’ll put a label on what you two have. He’s not going leave things unsaid. He’s going to seal the deal. So leave, just leave. And wait for someone who respects this relationship as much as you do. Someone who’s not going to ask you to hang out but go out on a date with him. Wait for a mature guy who’s going to be flat-out clear about his feelings and intention towards you. He’ll come, don’t worry; so for now, just leave.