If He Liked You, He Would Answer Your Texts


If he wanted to start a relationship with you, if he wanted to turn you into his girlfriend, if he wanted a serious commitment — then he would not keep you waiting. He would not go weeks without answering your texts. He would not send mixed signals that leave you wondering whether he is interested in dating you or whether he has only been stringing you along.

If he liked you, if he was attracted to you, if he couldn’t stop thinking about you — then he would text you back as soon as he had the time, because he would want to hear from you. He wouldn’t want to go another day, another hour, another minute without interacting with you. He would be dying to continue the conversation. He would be jumping at the sound of his notifications the same way you have been doing when his name appears on the screen.

If he felt the same way about you, if he got butterflies around you, if he was leaning towards falling in love with you — then would not be acting so distant. He would not ghost you for weeks at a time and then come popping back in your world with flirtatious comments. He would not bounce back and forth between acting like you are the center of his universe and acting like you are invisible. His behavior would not be this confusing. It would not be hard to figure out what he wanted. It would be obvious. You would know, just by looking into his eyes.

If he wanted you for more than an ego boost, more than a one-night stand, more than a friend — then he would answer your texts without making you wait three days. He would clear his schedule and invite you to hang out with him on weekends. He would make time for you. He would make an effort for you.

You have to accept that he doesn’t like you enough to put a title on your relationship, enough to rearrange his schedule to see you, enough to give you what you desperately want from him — either that or he is too lazy to put in the effort.

Either way, he is not someone worthy of your time. He is not the kind of person you should call your forever. He belongs in your past because he clearly has not made room for you in his future. You do not want to be stuck in a one-sided relationship where you are always offering more, helping more, loving more.

You deserve someone who meets you halfway. You are not supposed to settle for a relationship where you are unsure — of your worth and of his feelings for you.

Even though you like him, even though you cannot stop thinking about him, even though you would do anything to change his mind about you, you should let him go, because if he cannot even send a text back, then imagine all the other ways he will let you down.