If He Really Loves You, He’ll Make You A Priority


If he really loves you, he’ll make you a priority, because he’ll understand that a priority is what you deserve to be. If he really loves you, he won’t have to constantly reassure you how much you mean to him, because he’ll always show you with his actions, instead of telling you with his words.

He’ll never let you sit by the phone and wonder where he is. He won’t make you question what the two of you are, and he’ll get to know you for who you truly try to be. It will be more than him knowing your favorite color and your favorite place to eat. He’ll learn all your secrets and absorb every crazy quirk that makes you the person you aspire to be.

He won’t have to constantly ask you what you want to do because he’ll think of you enough to come up with ideas of his own. He’ll take you out on dates, and he’ll make you fall in love more than once. He’ll find excitement in surprising you and feel genuine happiness in making you smile.

He’ll treat you like a partner, and never like a burden.

He won’t spring stuff on you last minute, and he’ll always make sure to save a spot for you in his life. He’ll want you to love his family, and for them to love you. He’ll invite you out with his friends, and make sure he gets to know yours, too.

Instead of always fighting against you like the people in your past, he’ll fight for you. He’ll never let you feel alone, even when you are. He could be a thousand miles away, but he’ll still find a way to make his presence known. Whether it’s a quick phone call to let you know, he loves you, or a simple bouquet of flowers to remind you that he cares.

If he really loves you, he’ll be there for every dream in your life that comes true, but also, every sinking reality that makes you feel as if your life is falling apart. He’ll be there for the bad times, and the good times, and never out of feeling obligated, but out of the true desire he feels of never wanting you to be alone.

He’ll never make you feel like an option because he’ll see being with you as a privilege that he can’t bear to lose.

You’ll be his person, his best friend, and his soulmate. He’ll never make you wonder about his love, or second guess yourself, and he’ll always make you feel supported, and secure.

He’ll really love you, and to him, that will mean you come first. 

He’ll never see you as one of the many stars, or a game he can leave on pause before he conquers. He’ll see you as the moon amongst the stars, far away, but always worth the trip, because even though the moon is the hardest place to get to, it always shines the brightest in the darkest skies.