If He’s Not Answering Your Texts, Take The Hint


How long does it take you to text back someone you are excited to hear from?

Your first instinct is to answer immediately. To continue the conversation. To see what else they have to say.

You might force yourself to wait a little while to send a text back because you don’t want to look too eager, you don’t want to come across as clingy, you don’t want to be mistaken as someone desperate with no life.

But even when you promise yourself you are going to wait a few hours or even a few days to get back to them, how long do you really wait until answering? It’s probably not that long. You probably have a hard time resisting because they mean something to you. Because you cannot get them out of your head. Because you don’t want to deprive yourself of the happiness you’ll get by speaking with them.

The bottom line is… When you like someone, you talk to them. You don’t leave them waiting for too long. You don’t decide that their text is not important enough to answer. You don’t ignore them because your heart won’t let you ignore them.

If it’s the first time he hasn’t answered your messages after consistently texting back and forth with you, maybe he has been swamped at work. Maybe he has been dealing with a family emergency. Maybe his phone died and he forgot his charger.

Even though he probably has his phone on him at all times, it doesn’t mean he has been paying attention to it. People work. People put down their electronics to have conversations with their friends. Ignoring your messages one or two times does not mean anything when he has a habit of treating you well.

But if he has not answered the last ten times you tried to talk to him, even though your messages were spread apart and you know he has had enough spare time to post on social media and answer other people back, then you should face the cold, hard truth.

He does not care about talking to you. He does not consider you a priority.

You shouldn’t have to triple text him in order to finally get a response from him. You shouldn’t have to jog his memory with more messages. You shouldn’t have to remind him of your existence. He should remember you, even when your name isn’t glowing on his phone.

You shouldn’t have to text him first every single time. And you definitely shouldn’t have to force him to answer you by filling his phone with messages.

When you like someone, you do not forget to text them back. It’s all you can think about for the entire day.

So if he has not been answering your texts, don’t bother texting him for a third time. And don’t wonder why he isn’t answering back either.

He isn’t answering because he does not see your worth. Because he does not deserve someone with a heart as beautiful as yours.