If I Could, I’d Take Your Pain Away


There’s no more time to waste, time has been wasted already on things that never existed,

There are no more tears to waste, my love has been wasted already on people that never loved me back.

There are no more years to waste, my heart has aged already and is ready to waste away in my lungs, it has been broken and been left to heal itself in the darkness where wounds open if you cover them up with lies.

There are more watches to stare at, time has been wasted, wasted on you trying to be a better person for the world that grows worse by the second,

There are no more people to forget, everyone has disappeared from my sight, it’s easier to forget people who seem like clouds in the sky that float and scatter when the wind blows, I’m a survivor of dark storms that people run and hide from,

I had forgotten myself, but I saw myself walking down the street and my reflection on the window of a shop that closed down decades ago,

I had grown, but I could still the child I thought I was until then,

There was no hope for the world in my eyes, only for me, all the hope in the world is for me,

All the pain in the world is for me,

Give it all to me, I tell people to be happy, stay happy, die happy,

I will take all your grief and drown it down in fountains of whisky and tears,

Crown me your God and carry me across the sea in your arms,

I died for all of you, and no one even remembered my name.

It’s alright, I said to myself, everything is wasted,

Your good deeds, your bad deeds, your pain, your joy, only earth remembers the trace of your existence in the end.