If I Told You That Love Might Break You, Would You Still Jump In?


This is where we’re standing now, the edge, the turning point.

It’s the moment where we either trust or run, where we dive in or turn our backs. This is the moment we crave, yet we fear. Everything is dependent on the words we say, on the way we smile, on how we touch and laugh and decide, right here and right now, that we’re going for it.

We’re going to fall into love, and fall hard. And it’s going to be scary. And imperfect. And messy. And dangerous. And filled with so many unknowns.

But this is the moment we want so badly, the moment we choose each other instead of fear.

So here you are, standing next to me, arm in arm and our hearts beating uncontrollably. You’re wondering what I’m thinking; I’m trying to search your face for answers. We are close in proximity, but our minds are spinning in different directions.

We want this, I know we do, but we’re both scared.

I stare into your eyes, try to discover what it is they’re hiding, or if they’re hiding anything at all. I want to know your past, want it to unfold in front of me like a map I can trace with my fingertips, understanding all the small parts that make you, you.

You return my gaze, scoping back through our memories, trying to determine what it means when I look down at my feet, when I bite my lip, when I hold my tongue, too afraid to tell you what I’m feeling in this moment. Too afraid to tell you that I’ve already begun to fall.

If I told you I was scared, would you pull me into your arms and kiss my worries away?

If I told you that this could change everything? That this moment, pushing to the other side, deciding to love, deciding to want each other—could spin our lives completely upside-down? That this is the ending and the beginning?

Would it still be worth it to you?

If I told you that we will get hurt? That there’s a chance we’ll fade and crash and self-destruct? That we could break each other so badly that we’ll never want to trust in love again?

Would it still be worth it, loving me?

If I told you that this might not work? That we might end up apart and not together? That we may not be the people we need to be for each other?

Would you put your worries aside and love me back?

I would. One hundred times over, I would.

I’ll jump in, eyes open, arms outstretched, and the worries behind us. I’ll give into your touch, your embrace, your heart, opening itself for me. I’ll stop over-thinking, stop planning, stop trying to tell my heart how to feel.

And I’ll love.
So fully, so deeply, so purely.

Because love is worth it, every time.