If I’m Being Honest, I’m Still Waiting For You


Dear Love,

The last time we met, you left me. It was our first encounter so I welcomed you with open arms. You looked good with your almond eyes and lazy smile and I was captivated by your existence. As I let you into my life, my days began to be filled with your laughter and mine. I felt infinitely happy and grateful because finally, I had you. Finally, I had Love.

I don’t know what happened but one day, you were just gone. You left without saying goodbye and I felt empty. I was confused, in pain, heartbroken. And then I started missing your almond eyes and lazy smile. My days became dull and gray and I ached for you every day. I cried for you and waited for you, I got mad at you and then missed you all over again.

It seemed like an eternal cycle until Time decided to come.

Time brought me comfort. He was patient and kind, and he helped me patch up the wounds I got when I fell for you. Time told me that like him, I needed to move forward. And now I’m okay again, thanks to Time.

So Love, when you decide to come back for me, I cannot promise to be as welcoming, but I’m not closing my doors either. Maybe you’ll be different the next time we see each other. Maybe you wouldn’t have almond eyes nor a lazy smile. Maybe next time, you’ll keep your promises. Maybe you’d stay, and maybe you’ll be a completely different kind of Love. Or maybe, you’d still be the same old Love and I’ll end up getting hurt again. But that’s okay, because if there’s one thing I learned the last time we met, it’s that the wounds I get from you, no matter how deep, I can always count on Time to help me heal.

And that at the end of the day, despite the hurt you’ve cause me, I’m still swaiting for you to come back.