If I’m Being Honest, You’re Not The Ideal Boyfriend


You’re needy, paranoid, and too sensitive. And I love these things about you.

You’re not the ideal kind of boyfriend because you’re needy.You’re needy when I’m reading a book, playing a video game, or watching a movie. You’re needy when I’m painting or writing, and you want to hug me and say, “I’m so proud of you. Do you want some coffee?” You’re needy in the morning when I’m still sleeping, and you want to cuddle and greet me, “Good morning.”

You’re needy because you want to share everything when we’re together and I so love that about you.

Every guy tries all their lives to appear strong, manly, or breezy, and I love that you threw all of those things away to be my ‘needy’ boyfriend.

You’re not the ideal kind of boyfriend because you’re paranoid. You flip out when I do crazy stuff like sliding from a double deck or tumbling and falling headfirst from the bed. You get paranoid when a friend asks me out to dinner. You get paranoid when it’s my time of the month, I’m pale af, and couldn’t move a muscle in my body.

You get paranoid when I don’t speak much thinking that I may be mad at you. You get paranoid when I go home in a sullen mood because some of my classmates bullied me. “I didn’t try so hard to keep you happy all these years just so someone can make you feel down like that.”

You’re the calmest, most centered guy I know, and I love how you can just turn into a defensive ‘paranoid’ boyfriend who won’t think twice about defending his 22-year-old bullied girlfriend.

You’re not an ideal kind of boyfriend because you’re too sensitive. You sympathize when my emotions or at least stay patient through all of them. You stay up all night when my bouts of anxiety hit me. You’re too sensitive to know that I may be cold or feverish even before I notice it. You’re too sensitive to leave me alone when I feel like it.

I know that deep inside, you’re a caustic prankster but I so love that you can switch to be my ‘sensitive’ boyfriend when you’re with me.

You’re not an ideal kind of boyfriend. You’re the real, living, breathing, and awesome kind.