If I’m Not Your Only One, Let Me Go


I’m the type of girl who isn’t going to just put half of herself into a relationship. Basically it’s all or nothing. (No, that doesn’t make me weak or pathetic.)

I’m also the type of girl who’s seen love lost countless time.

I’m not going to pretend that commitment doesn’t scare me to pieces. But I’m also not going to sit around and say that I’m happy with today’s standards of commitment. We think that they’ve got the that person, so we just stop trying. Romance is almost a lost art nowadays. Millennials have given up on the idea of long distance working or the idea that one person is enough for them.

If you want a typical 2016 relationship of no romance and side chicks, don’t fall for me. Because that’s not enough for me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Many times I’m not very eloquent in how I express my feelings. Being vulnerable is a part of this “old-fashioned” love that I’m talking about and it’s scary as anything. My generation is terrified of opening up to someone else completely for fear of getting hurt. Yes, it’s distressing, but I can only imagine what that type of love will be in reality. From how I picture it, it seems pretty darn amazing.

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s much easier to fall to today’s standards. But I’ve learned what I am really worth and I think that it’s okay to want more. Sometimes just sitting with someone and watching Netflix while just being in each other’s presence is what you need. Sometimes you just want to text them and give yourself your own time. But sometimes it’s not what you need.

So throw me into a swarm of cheesy hand written letters, one-minute phone calls telling me how much you miss me, spontaneous night drives to get fro-yo and I’ll be perfectly happy. It’s the little things that make it.

I’m not judging anyone for being this way; I’m just speaking for myself. So if anyone else is on the same page, don’t be scared for feeling this way. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a spontaneous love. It just takes time and work to figure out a balance between those Netflix afternoons and nights out on the town.

You are worthy of a great love.