If It’s Not Magic In The Simple Moments, It’s Not The Love You Deserve


I am under the strong belief that romantic comedies have led women and teenage girls into the misguided belief that true love is where any wrong doings a man may cause can be resolved by a large display of affection once every blue moon. Ladies, this is far from the love you deserve.

The type of love that is summarized by a man ignoring your requests to please watch your favorite movie because you have begged him about a million times and characterized by a man who doesn’t show up to events that are ever-so important to you but buys you a life-size teddy bear on your anniversary or buys you a Pandora bracelet for your birthday is not even a shallow type of love — it doesn’t even qualify as love.

True love (the love you deserve) is where a man remembers all the little things you love and does the simplest of things that actually mean so much more than a giant teddy bear. He will insist on picking you up every single time, he will have coffee waiting for you when he picks you up and remembers every detail of your order — from how many pumps of syrup to how many sugars you like. He takes you to the movies to go watch that chick flick that you’ve been dying to see for a month. He will read your favorite book just because it means so much to you.

He will know you so well that he’ll know all of your insecurities and ease them with one compliment.

Every second of being with him will feel like you’re floating on a cloud, with sparks flying from your fingertips. Every kiss takes your breath away and every laugh you share makes you feel weightless.

If there’s one motto I’ll live by, it’s “find bliss in simplicity,” and that definitely goes for love as well. If you don’t feel like you’re soaring through the sky on a broomstick towards Hogwarts every second the two of you are together, then honey, he is not the love you deserve.

Magic is not in extravagant gifts; magic is in true love. And true love stems from friendship. Your true love will become your best friend — the best friend who will go out of his way to give you butterflies in the smallest ways.