If Love Hurts, Then It’s Not Real Love


We’ve been taught all our life that love hurts, that love is sacrifice and that you must do anything and everything for love.

Now, forget what you know for a minute—or however long it takes for you to read this article.

Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is not supposed to harm you.

Yes, love will require some sacrifices and compromises after some time, but it must NEVER coerce you, push you, shame you or demand anything from you, especially NOT at the beginning of your relationship.

Love is a choice full of many emotions that make you happy and that’s what it should be, it should always be worth it because it makes you happy. If your partner or significant other demands that you put them first always– that’s no good for you.

Walk away.

Some people will come into your life with sweet words and pretty illusions, but it’s never what a person says more than what they show you. Their actions are what speak the loudest truth and you shouldn’t settle for someone who only wants you as a piece of their puzzle.

You shouldn’t settle for someone who thinks of you as a key item for the Life Quota they need to fill in order to be complete. You mustn’t exist to fulfill someone else’s purpose.

You have a life of your own, purposes and goals of your own and if someone asks you or expects you to put them off for them, that “love” will never serve you, it will never grow you, it will never help you and most importantly: it will not stick around when you no longer serve them or fit their perfect idea of what life should be. That love is a charade.

Walk away from it consciously and as soon as it enters your awareness. You’ll be better for it.

A love that is not reciprocal or mutual is not a love that works. You deserve someone by your side that will love and support you, someone who is willing to give back to you.

It’s best to be alone and fulfilled or working on yourself, than be with someone and being miserable because you’re letting your life and dreams pass you by.

I promise.