If Only You Understood You Are A Little Sister To Me


Little Sister. Do you really understand what that means? No, it’s not because you’re 10 inches shorter than me or because you’re two years younger than me… no it means much more than that. It means that my love for you is so much stronger than just a friend or even a best friend. It means that I feel a sense of responsibility for you and I have protective instincts, as if you are my little cub to watch over. I cannot begin to try and explain as to how my love for you grew so deeply as Rose vines cling to garden walls. But I can tell you that there is not a thing that I would not do for you. You may be my little one- but you have walked through fire at my side. You have been the calming voice who brought me home after falling down dark rabbit holes. You have been an anchor to my forever darkening mind. You believe so wildly that you are not worthy of the love you receive nor the people who surround you but you are so much more than you are able to see my baby sister. You have carried us on your strained back no matter how many times it nearly broke you. You have been broken and put together so many times that even Humpty Dumpty couldn’t do what you do my love. You have the soul of a fierce lioness- don’t lose your fire my sister. Because at the end of the day you are one of my reasons for carrying on down this yellow brick road and although I may be over the rainbow I was once stuck in a never ending tornado of self pity and shame… till you took me by the hand and told me that everything will be okay. You are the strongest warrior I have ever met my angel; wear your scars with pride… they made you the gorgeous soul that you are.