If She’s Wild You Have To Let Her Run Free


She has a fire burning in her passionate eyes,
she’s always eager to leave her bare footprints behind.
She doesn’t like routine
and she fears commitment
because she’s afraid of something so permanent.

She needs to wander
and be free. She might love you,
but she ultimately she has to leave.
She doesn’t mean to break your heart,
but staying and loving you
will only keep her restless soul
satisfied for so long.

You see,
a girl like her needs to wander,
that’s her passion.
She needs to feel the sun kiss her skin
on the other side of the world,
she needs to make a difference
in other humans lives, she needs to push herself
outside her comforts
because once she becomes uncomfortable
she knows she will start to grow.

She needs the earth
against her bare feet
and she needs new air
to breathe in.

She was born wild with a restless soul
and you can’t tame someone like her.

She will roll into town like a hurricane,
flipping everything upside down
with her passion for life,
and when she leaves nothing will ever be the same.
She will touch lives and hearts
and keep going forward without looking back
at the mess she left behind.

She craves adventure and she needs
to keep running free.
You have to let her keep running free.