If The Price Sounds Too Good To Be True, Then It Is Too Good To Be True. I Learned That The Hard Way.


So, I bought a condo a little over two weeks ago. I won’t go into detail on the price. Apparently that’s not very couth. But I’ll tell you this much, it was a really good price. Downtown location, with some of the best restaurants and theaters just a stone’s throw away. Or rather, a stone’s drop from 32 floors up. It’s a lavish one bedroom with a big patio and floor-to-ceiling windows that look out directly to the condos across the street. Even at the amazing price I nabbed it at, it’s still a little expensive for me. But I’d wanted to live in a place like this since I was a little kid. And now I could finally afford it (kind of).

I was ecstatic to move in, and the first few weeks were like living in a Christopher Nolan movie. Waking up everyday to a huge, beautiful cityscape just behind my blinds. I would get dressed (everything seems cooler when you’re in a nice three-piece suit), get a cup of gourmet coffee (I just got a Keurig as a flat-warming gift) and just watch the city begin to wake up from my windows. You see people in movies do it, and it seems like such a bold yet boring thing to do. But, when you feel like you’re on top of the world, sometimes you just like to appreciate the view. Worth every penny of debt. At least, that’s how I felt at first. But, it wasn’t long before something very odd spoiled everything I love about this place.

Just last night, I fell asleep on the couch playing video games and being generally unproductive. I woke up around three or so in the morning, hunched over and the controller dropped at my feet. I was snapped awake by a cold chill that drifted over me like a phantom. I shivered and sat up, wiping the gunk out of the corners of my mouth. The cold felt like fingers creeping under my skin, and it shocked me into full awareness.