If There Is Such Thing As A Soulmate, You Would Be Mine


I’m not sure if I believe in soulmates, although, the idea of them being real is nice to think about. It’s nice to think about the idea that two souls were made for one another. The idea that someone was born solely just to be with you, and you to them. It doesn’t make sense at all, yet, it’s what everyone ultimately wants.

People travel the world just to find their “one”. People risk their lives everyday just for a shot at a true, beautiful and unquestioning love. Others, turn their head away and scoff at the idea of true love. Some are just skeptics. And there are some who still live alone, always hoping one day their soulmate will magically show up. And then there are the others who die, knowing that they never got to experience the real love everyone talks about in the movies.

But, love isn’t like the movies at all.

If “The Notebook” were real, Ali would’ve never gotten into that car to see Noah. She would’ve seen him in that newspaper, and would’ve turned it over. If “The Notebook” were real life, she would’ve cried that night after seeing it. But, she would never dare go see him. Because that’s just not what people do now.

We don’t do grand gestures anymore. We don’t drop everything that we have just for a guy. We don’t lose ourselves in a relationship or believe that we would rather be dead than to live without that special someone.

Until we do. But, we don’t die out. We keep on living.

I may not believe that there is only one person in this world meant for me, but, if soulmates really did exist, I know it would be you. I just know.

You were never a question to me. You were never a doubt.

When I first met you, there was something different about you. Something special that I can never put into words. It’s just a feeling that I had. And a feeling that will never leave me. The first summer we spent together, you introduced me to myself. You made me brighter, just like you. You made me radiate with a light I never knew I had. You introduced me to what it meant to feel truly beautiful.

I’d like to think you thought I was your sun, and you were just the rays who liked to show me off.

And I’d like to think that you showed me my night light even when I grew cloudy. And when my panic attacks molded me into a pitch black cave, you handed me the flashlight. You always handed me the light.

Maybe you were just my soulmate to show me my potential. To lead me to a better life without you. Maybe you were the one meant for me, just for a tiny chunk of my life. Just for the times when I needed you most.

Maybe soulmates are supposed to leave us after all. And maybe the point of them isn’t to die without them, it’s to keep on going.

You see, the point of a soulmate is to grow strong enough that you can live without them. And you can keep on surviving.

You can keep your heart beating no matter how much it hurts. And you can keep breathing no matter how weak your lungs are.

Maybe soulmates come and go as they please. And maybe others will show up at different times in your life when you least expect it. Maybe the real, true, soulmates, are the ones that let you grow on your own. Maybe the real, true, soulmates, are the ones that lead you to only the start of the hike, the first step of your journey, and the introduction to just yourself.