If They Aren’t Nourishing Your Soul In These 6 Ways, They Aren’t Your Soulmate


1. Giving your feelings validity. 

If you’ve had a bad day or a great one, if you’ve achieved a high accomplishment or the world has been unjust, you are allowed your feelings about it. If they are invalidating your feelings and making you feel small, they aren’t nurturing your spirit and they’re making you believe how you feel is something you must apologise for. They don’t deserve that kind of credibility in your life.

2. Making you a priority.

Look, stuff gets in the way for us all. But if you find yourself being second place constantly to someone else or something else, then they aren’t treating you like you are important enough to deserve to be a priority in their lives. You deserve someone who gives you status in their lives if they are your other half. You deserve to be a priority and not a convenience.

3. Encouraging you to be your best self.

The best version of you will only emerge if you surround yourself with people who actively want you to succeed, to do well and who bring your life positivity. This is especially true of your soulmate. If they aren’t encouraging you to challenge yourself and become the best version of yourself, then they aren’t helping you build a garden from the seeds of your soul, instead they are causing it to stagnate.

4. Giving you space.

This is an important. All relationships need a certain amount of space to grow. Your own separate groups of friends, your own hobbies, things you do independently of each other. These things require a certain amount of trust from both people and giving that trust is a necessary part of any relationship. You should encourage each other to do the things you enjoy even if it means spending time apart.

5. Knowing how to be your strength.

A soulmate will know how to be your strength and not your weakness. They will know how to give to your soul and take only the love you are willing to give them. They will hold you on the days when you are weak and remind you that you are strong and powerful. They will nurture you to take up swords against your darknesses and stand by your side. They will just know how to be your strength when you have none.

6. Sharing the responsibility.

Truthfully, all relationships are hard work and a true soulmate sees and knows this. They will share the responsibility of the work that comes with a relationship. They will compromise the same amount as you have. They will be willing to get on their hands and knees to dig and pull weeds from the garden you are building together. They will only want to grow and evolve and become better together.