If They Truly Love You, They Will Never Leave You


There you are, sitting in shambles as you watch the person who supposedly loved you walk out the door. It may be the first time or it may be the 50th time, but regardless, you’re now alone – alone with the silence and the tears and the betrayal.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. You two were supposed to be together forever. They were supposed to be your support system through both the good times and the hard times. Instead, their exit from your life has proven them to be the exact opposite. It’s proven them to be the destroyer of your hopeful love, the thief of your trust in their words, the liar who took a hammer to your heart.

You’ve somehow convinced yourself that all of this is your fault. Maybe if you gave a little more or listened a little more or morphed into their dream person a little more, then they wouldn’t have left you. Their voice stings in the back of your mind as you hear them tell you that you should’ve been more – more caring, more honest, more responsible, more understanding, more laid back, more adventurous, more, more, more.

But you see, no one that genuinely cares about your soul will ever abandon you. It doesn’t matter if you have aspects about yourself that are a work in progress or areas that need to be healed.

If they love you, they will stay. They will forgive. They will listen. They will communicate. They will fight for you. They will hold your hand and walk alongside you rather than sever your heart strings and run away from you.

So, if you find yourself dealing with the gutting pain of watching the one you love abandon you, please know that you deserve better. Please know it is never just one person’s fault for a relationship ending. Please know that their leaving speaks more about their own soul than it does about you. Please know that there is someone out there who would consider it an honor to do life with you and who would never, ever, ever think about walking away from you.