If “Words With Friends” Got Specific


For whatever reason, “Words with Friends” breaks down your social walls and opens up the floodgates for anyone you’ve ever met to request a meeting of the minds via mobile word game. It stands to follow that you’re not actually playing “Words with Friends,” you’re playing Words With People Who Have Downloaded The Same App As You, That You Happen To Know In A Tenuous Manner. Let’s get specific, shall we?

Words with your college roommate’s ex-boyfriend

Words with the girl you met in AOL chat circa 1999

Words with the person you lost your virginity to

Words with some guy you think you know from your first job, you’re not really sure who he is, actually

Words with the girl who moved to another state while you were in high school, but continues to find ways to remain relevant over a decade later

Words with the kid you had a crush on in elementary school

Words with some girl you borrowed a dress from one time, you never returned that dress, hope she doesn’t remember that

Words with your high school gym teacher

Words with that guy who took you on one date and never called you again but finds nothing odd about initiating a round of poor man’s Scrabble with you

Words with someone who, at one point, was a viable business contact but is now woefully unimpressed by your limited vocabulary

Words with a hot acquaintance who you would like to have more than words with

Words with the guy who used to drive you around and buy you liquor when you were underage

Words with the first person who happened to be in the vicinity hours after you downloaded Words with Friends

Words with the elusive ‘Player 2.’ WHO ARE YOU?

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