If You Actually Want To Move On, You Need To Do These 5 Simple Things


I’m no love-expert. I was once like you who struggled to move on from someone who used to mean the world to me. I was once like you who rummaged through every article that tackled ‘sure’ moving on steps on the Internet. I was once like you who stupidly asked for someone’s advice on how to do it, and fervently hoped that it would work on me too.

Unfortunately, these things take lot of practice and by practice, I mean a series of uneventful relationships. But we all have our own inventive ways on how to successfully move on, and these are mine.

1. Stop thinking about asking for closure.

If you are one of those couples (ex, rather) who ended things vaguely, stop thinking about asking for closure because we both know you’re just using it as an excuse to get back. “Sometimes not having closure is the closure,” a Filipino movie once stated. The thing is, sometimes it’s best to leave things the way they are because if you try to fix them, it would just make things messier.

2. Don’t hesitate to BLOCK him from all of your social media accounts.

If this makes you look bitter and pathetic, then so be it. Screw what people say and think. They’re not the one in pain anyway. If this is the only way for you to stop stalking him, do it. If you don’t want to block him because you want him to think that you’re just doing fine without him, then you’re a hypocrite. Honor that pain by being real to yourself, at least for once in your life.

3. Delete ALL of your pictures together.

Why else would you keep it? Unless you’re still secretly hoping that you two would get back together and you can finally recycle those pictures and use one of them as your Facebook profile picture, captioned “Love is sweeter the second time around”. Well, in that case, DELETE THEM because you guys are never, ever, ever, getting back together. (I know you heard Taylor Swift while reading that, btw).

4. Spend some time with your friends.

As much as possible, avoid being all by yourself because this only increases the chance of you thinking about him and his cute smile and all of the what ifs, what could have beens, and whys. Reserve your alone time for the future when you’ve finally healed. That way, you’ll appreciate it more.

5. Remind yourself that it’s over and ACCEPT it.

I know it is easier said than done, but isn’t that what life is in general?

In essence, moving on is never easy but it’s a necessity. It is a choice that you must do for the betterment of yourself or else you’ll get stuck living in your own reality unhappy, most probably.

And every once in a while you will miss him but you stand your ground because that door was closed for a reason even though you may never know why.

And you bravely suck it up.

And you continue to move forward because forward, is the direction of life and not otherwise.