If You Asked Me Why I Like You, This Is What I’d Say


I like you because a simple message from you turns my whole day around, bad days because the best when I hear from you.

I like you because you have me re-reading our recent messages when we aren’t talking, smiling as if it’s the first time I’m reading them.

I like you because actually reading your messages for the first time has me subconsciously beaming for minutes uncontrollably. Even when I’m in public.

I like you because while we have a lot in common, we still have plenty of differences that we find interesting enough to explore.

I like you because you have passion. And you have dreams and because you inspire me to follow, and reach, my own.

I like you because you are creative, you have a way with words and you have brought out a side of me that I thought was long lost.

I like you because you date me. You plan surprises and always put the most effort into pulling them off. You’re always coming up with fun ideas and activities for us to enjoy.

I like you because since meeting you I have been so happy that it is honestly physically uncomfortable. You give new meaning to the term having feelings for somebody. Going weak at the knees has become a very real problem.

I like you because you’re intelligent. You’re curious and you know a little bit about everything. Your wit and wisdom is endlessly fascinating to me and I could listen to you chatter away for hours.

I like you because you are clumsy and a little awkward, but you never try to hide it. You are one of those rare people who are purely and simply, unapologetically, them.

I like you because my goodness, you are so cute. You are the perfect combination of handsome and cute. It is lethal. Your eyes. Your smile. I could go on. And on.

I like you because I knew from the moment we met you would become someone I could trust with all my heart. I am content being completely vulnerable and truly myself with you.

I like you because we both fell into this liking of each other with no warning, no notice and no expectations of what might happen. I like that we are both happy living in this moment.

I like you because you look at me. When I am talking, you are looking into my eyes. When I’m worrying about whether or not I have food on my face you look at me like I’m beautiful, and I believe you.

But I like you because, most simply, you are you.