If You Can Be Anything In The World, I Hope You Choose This


Contrary to how the world shapes you, you control your choices. There’s nobody else you can point a finger at when something goes wrong in your life, especially when we’re talking about character and morals. You can be exactly who you want to be and the only person stopping you is you. If you can be anything in the world, I hope you choose this.

I hope you choose to be someone who remains soft. The world hardens you to the point you no longer recognize yourself, and you must remember to stay grounded in who you are. Make your heart the best thing about you and don’t let anyone else say otherwise. Softness will never be equal to weakness—it reflects strength and bravery. It’s easy to shut down your emotions, but it takes a certain type of courage to wear your heart on your sleeve.

I hope you choose to be someone who has integrity. Don’t ever let someone take so much of your power away that you compromise everything you stand for. There will always be others, but you’ll only have one of yourself. If you lose yourself by constantly adjusting to keep people warm, that’s darkness you can’t turn back from. Life is painful, but integrity gives you the dignity that you remained who you are.

I hope you choose to be someone who accepts failure and mistakes. You’re human and you’re allowed to fall down every now and then. No matter how successful you are, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience failure. Accept that mistakes are part of growth and it allows you to remember you’re not invincible. You will never reach the state of perfection you desire and you’ll only destroy yourself trying.

Lastly, I hope you choose to be someone who makes life worth living. Life is messy and exhausting and numbing and all of these tragic things, but I hope you choose to become someone who represents the exact opposite. Be the reason someone chooses to smile or someone chooses to speak up or someone chooses to fight for their life. Whatever it is, I hope you resemble the opposite of everything wrong in the world.

In a world full of chaos and darkness, be someone that is a constant reminder of what love, hope, and faith feel like.