If You Can Be Anything In This World, Be Soft


“Don’t let the world make you hard.”

Just like what martyrs always say, be soft, no matter how hard they’ve been to you. No matter how harsh their words are. No matter how little they make you look like. No matter how many rejections you need to experience before you win.

And, personally, I think being soft is one of the most powerful and effective weapons we can use in life. It is one of the things we can utilize when we’re being pinned down to the ground, when we’re hopeless, and when we’re feeling like life’s not going to get better any time soon.

We’ve all been through hard times. We’ve all been on our knees begging to be saved. We’ve all had times when we want to stop and give up. But aren’t you glad that you didn’t? Aren’t you glad that after being crushed, you’re still here breathing, surviving, healing.

Imagine if you had given up. Look in the mirror and talk to yourself. “What if I have?”

What if you had given up? What if you let the world turn you into stone? What if you let life make you hard?

Who will be the person standing in front of the mirror now?

Life is actually simple, I mean, you just have to live day by day, and the world is only as we see it. You know what’s making it hard? People. They make things worse, but if you let them ruin you, then you’ll be just like them.

You’ll be another person ruining another person, but this time, you’ll be destroying you.

“Kill them with kindness,” as what Selena Gomez said. Treat them exactly the opposite of how they treat you. If they keep judging you, bring them up. If they keep pushing you down, smile and let them. If they won’t help you, be there when they need a hand.

That’s how you can show people that they cannot ruin the inner peace that you have. That they cannot make you hate yourself just because they want to be like you. That you are so much stronger than they thought, and you are better than them.

After all, the only reason they are trying to see you fall is because you’re already too high. They only want to crush you because you’re already whole.

So if you can be anything in this world, be soft. Be kind. Be brave.

Don’t let them ruin what you already have going for yourself. Their words are just words unless you let them cut you. The struggles that you are going through right now are just obstacles for something better. For something you truly deserve.

People will keep making life look hard. Stay soft through it all, darling, you’ll get out of here alive.