If You Can Like My Instagram Pictures, You Can Answer My Texts


If you have the time — and the internet connection — needed to like one of my pictures on Instagram, then there is no reason why I should still be waiting for a text back from you.

As much as I appreciate the compliment, as much as it flatters me to know that you are physically attracted to me, your behavior annoys the hell out of me.

If I get a notification with your name attached, I expect my phone to be alerting me that you sent a text back, not that you clicked the heart button below my Instagram photo.

At least when you’re MIA from all your social media accounts, I can fool myself into believing that you’ve been busy, that you haven’t had a second to check your phone, that you haven’t actually read my message yet.

But when you like one of my Instagram photos, there’s no ignoring the fact that you saw my text. You read my text. And you decided against answering my text.

Did you leave my words unanswered because the conversation was too boring for you? Because you don’t like talking to me as much as you like looking at me? Because you’re trying to drive me insane?

If you are going to ignore the messages I took time out of my day to send you, then I would rather have you ghost completely. I would rather have you leave my life for good than pop up whenever it is convenient for you. I would rather have you make it clear that you aren’t interested in me than keep sending these mixed signals.

Sure, that would still suck, but getting flat-out rejected by you would beat the alternative.

It beats never getting a text back, but still getting an Instagram like or a selfie sent to me on Snapchat. It beats knowing that you are interested in seeing photographs of me, but aren’t interested in actually getting to know me. It beats realizing that you see me as a piece of meat, nothing more, nothing less.

It might sound like I’m making a big deal out of nothing, like I’m overreacting, but when you like my Instagram photo instead of answering my text, it makes me think that you are only interested in one thing.

It proves that you are trying to keep me on your hook by giving me breadcrumbs. It shows that you don’t like me enough to hold an actual conversation with me. You only want to give me tiny pieces of yourself, just enough to keep me hanging on. Enough to keep me hoping that maybe you like me too.

But I’m not going to text you again if I’m unsure if I’ll get an answer. I’m not going to put myself through that.

If you have the time to like my Instagram pictures, then you have enough time to text me back. And if you aren’t interested in talking to me, delete my name from all your accounts. It’s better than sending me mixed signals like this.