If You Choose To Love Me, Love Me Forever


I am not scared of love, I am scared of getting used to it. What if it’s taken away someday, all of it, and I don’t survive the change? What if I start loving so much that without this love I don’t know where to even begin? I am a scared person, more so a broken soul, with my fair share of reasons. And if you choose to love me, would you love me with all the reasons I seem to have lost?

I am a person with a broken wing that still mourns of lost battles. Could you love those ragged edges?

I keep lurking awake in utter darkness of the wee hours. Would you hold me tight when nightmares grope my sleep?

I get cranky during “that time of the month.” Could your love glow me pretty in my most ugly and saggy days?

I was led into a bitterness that pokes me in my throat; would you stay with me throughout the bittersweet beginning of this tale?

I often keep hiding myself. Would you travel around with me to show me better places to live by? Would you dance with me in the middle of a narrow, forgotten street until I twist and twirl into my good old soul again?

I fake-smile and I laugh as hard; could you look into my eyes and tell if I am breaking within?

I am still a kid when it comes to love. Would you love me in my endeavor to love you back?

I am not used to real love. Would you relapse on me if ran scared from your love?

I am greying in a hollow shell of white lies and broken promises. Would you paint me crimson in your love?

I have been clouding my heart since forever.

Would you rain over me and drench me in your love?

I was blinded in unworthy tales of a dusted lust! Would you kiss my forehead to solace?

Could your love steal through the crevices of my tall, grounded wall to shine upon me, to shine upon my palpable tears so it shines bright at you, as bright as the sun-kissed dew?

Love to me isn’t an easy thing. Love to me penetrates deep and finds me somewhere beneath. Love to me isn’t to the moon and back; love to me is through me, throughout me. And despite me, if you choose to love me, give me all the love I seek. If you choose to love me, love me forever.