If You Don’t Want To Date Me, Get The Hell Away From Me


It’s okay that you hurt me. It’s okay that you broke my heart. It’s okay that you don’t want to date me.

But it’s not okay for you to keep popping back up in my life when you know how I feel about you and you know that you don’t return those feelings. You know that you’re never going to give me what I really want.

So stop texting me. Stop leaving flirty comments on my photos. Stop trying to make me fall for you all over again.

You don’t have to like my pictures to remind me of your existence. I know you’re out there, living your life. I haven’t forgotten about you. Even though we haven’t talked in a while, I still remember who you are, I still remember what you meant to me.

But if you don’t want to date me, then what’s the point of torturing me with your flirty comments and random snapchats? What’s the point of bringing me even more pain?

I already know you don’t care about me enough to date me — but if you cared about me at all, even the smallest amount, then you would leave me the hell alone. You would let me live my life without you.

Because if you haven’t realized it yet, I’m already having a hard time getting over you. I don’t need you to make it worse by tempting me. By sending me texts I have to stop myself from answering. By leaving likes and comments across my social media that I have to train myself to ignore.

I don’t need you to make moving on ten times harder than it already is. So, please, leave me the hell alone. Give me a chance to get over you.

I know you preferred it when I drooled all over you, when I dropped everything to text you back and bathed you in compliments. But those days are over, because now I know how you feel about me. Now I know I don’t stand a chance with you.

I’m sorry, you can’t have me halfway. You can’t flirt with me one day and ignore me the next day. You can’t tell me you miss me and then refuse to see me. You can’t sleep with me today and then sleep with another girl tomorrow.

If you don’t want to date me, that’s fine. It sucks, but it’s okay. I’ll get over it — as long as you leave me alone.

Leave, because it’s pointless for me to pine after you when I know you aren’t interested.

Leave, because I refuse to keep flirting with you when I know you’re never going to become my boyfriend.

Leave, because I would rather move on than be stuck on you for another year.

Leave, because I can’t take this kind of pain anymore.

If you care about me at all, if you don’t want to hurt me worse than you already have, then you’ll leave me the hell alone. You’ll give me time to get over you.