If You Ever Get Lonely, I’m Here


I’m here and I always will be. Despite everything. Despite the beginning and the end. If you ever need me, I’ll be here.

Just because things end and break, doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring. Just because things fail and shatter, doesn’t mean my heart will stop beating for yours. 

People change. People move. Life moves at rapid speeds that only a few people can keep up with. People crave more than city lights, and others crave more than the countryside. Life will always be moving and changing, but that doesn’t mean that me and you will change.

Despite the end of forever and the end of our masterpiece, I’ll be here.

There are no hard feelings. We’ve already had our closure. We’ve already said what was needed to be said. We’ve already had our goodbye kiss and a second one too. We’ve cleared the air. We’ve let go of the idea that we will ever be together again.

But, I’m still going to be here.

If you ever get lonely and need to hear a familiar voice, I’m here. When you’re alone in a bed that is cold to the touch, give me a call. When you are in a crisis and don’t want to tell your parents, I’ll be here. When you need a shoulder to cry on after a long day, I’ll be here.

I’m always going to help you when you need it. I’m always going to listen to you when you need it. I’m always going to love you. Always. And just because we changed and we moved and we grew, it doesn’t mean a thing. Because with us, it’s always the same. It’s always going to be something special. It just is.

So, despite the ending and the time changes and the growth, I’m here. I always will be.