If You Ever Want To Be In Love, I’ll Come Around


It’s time I finally let down my guard, swallow my pride, and put my heart on the line. Maybe I am alone in this, but I am absolutely ensorcelled with you. I think you just deserve to know that the existence of you is simply… amazing. The different colors that twinkle in those hazel eyes of yours hold more magic that a sky full of stars on even the clearest of nights. I don’t think any concoction of words could truly exemplify the breathtaking essence that encapsulates you. So, to the fiery energy with a touch equivalent to that of a firework, my soul bursts with joy for you. The mere thought of your touch conjures this unforgettable sensation all over, and takes me to “a galaxy far, far away.” You ignite this explosion inside me, creating goosebumps that sizzle to the surface of my skin. Seven years later, and I am still consumed in this schoolgirl crush. Even though I am no stranger to heartbreak, I look at you with a youthful set of eyes and the innocence of a heart that has never been tainted.

As the years passed, your presence has become more prevalently woven in the chapters of my life. I find my curiosity pondering if you ever stumbled across my words to you if you’d read them with the same admiration as a Mike Posner poem. So many of my favorite memories have you in them. Drinking by a fire or strolling downtown under the street lights, there is always a flush that graces my cheeks. It’s not from the alcohol warming my insides or the heat of the fire, nor the crisp air from walking under the night sky in the city lights. This recurring flush that graces my cheeks is from your luminous aura.

Those starry nights taking in the view through the lens of your sunroof, cozied into heated seats; in these moments I find it hard to catch my breath. Drawing pictures on fogged windows, with the only light being the scarlet glow from a freshly rolled J illuminating the smoky air. There are a number of reasons to need to catch my breath, but your intoxicating soul is the only thing that suddenly makes it harder to breathe.

Your laugh is one of my favorite sounds. Waking up in your embrace is my paradise. I am hopelessly loyal, incessantly tongue-tied. When you pluck on my heartstrings like you do your guitar, you effortlessly send rippling vibrations of butterflies that flutter through my soul.

To sum this up, I think James Bay said it best: “If you ever want to be in love, I’ll come around.”