If You Find Yourself Thinking Any Of These Negative Thoughts, Here’s How To Turn Them Completely Around


Negative thought: I’m ugly
Replace with: I’m beautiful

I’ve always had insecurities about my face. When I was a little girl I believed in everything (like most kids) and I had read somewhere that if you write down your wish on paper, then put it under your pillow at night, your wish will come true. I wrote that I wanted to be pretty – I was about 9 years old at this point. It took some time, but eventually I have learnt to love how I look (for the most part). Wearing no make-up is still a little bit difficult to me, and when I’m having a bit of a down day, my focus can turn onto how much I dislike my natural face. That shit needs to stop. I’ve got one face for the rest of my life, so I better start liking it (and the same goes to you too).

Negative thought: My body is weird
Replace with: My body is amazing

Everybody has flaws, imperfections and things that they wish they could change about their appearance. Whether it’s stretch marks (which are perfectly normal by the way), stomach rolls (also normal) or cellulite (again, also normal), these things are part of our bodies which makes them part of us. If you want to change the shape of your body, then by all means do – eating well and exercising more is always a good thing to do, and if you want plastic surgery (and can afford it) then by all means – it’s your body after all. All I am saying is that we should embrace the bits we can’t change/don’t want to change and just focus on being the healthiest version of ourselves. Our bodies are completely unique, super clever machines that deserve admiration!

Negative thought: I’m not good enough
Replace with: I’m talented

There’s things that you’ll be brilliant at, things that you could use a bit more practise on, and things that you find really difficult to do. Everybody has different skills and talents. So when you (and I) start comparing our lives with the lives of those on Facebook or Instagram, we must remember that each person’s journey to how they got to where they are is completely and utterly different. You’ll never be able to follow somebody else’s footsteps exactly – and why would you want to? Create your own path. Think about the skills that you do have and congratulate yourself on them. Nobody can do that thing quite like you can.

Negative thought: I’m a loser
Replace with: I’m getting there

Things haven’t quite gone to plan, as they tend not to do in life. I’ve had to deal with things I would never have imagined when I was younger – I’m sure the same can be said for many of you. I’ve tried lots of different things to try and find something that I really loved. These two things have made it look like I haven’t achieved as much as some of my peers – but I shouldn’t be judging myself based on my CV or LinkedIn page. Instead, (you and) I should celebrate how we’ve managed to get where we are, how we’ve continued to keep trying, and how we’re eager to progress in the future.