If You Know You Don’t Deserve Them, Set Them Free


This is to the boys and girls, men and women who find themselves in relationships that they know they shouldn’t be in. Their partner tries so hard to make them happy- spoils them with compliments, drowns them in kisses, sprinkles gifts and showers them with love…. but what do you do? You start fights, fights that they apologize for even if it wasn’t their fault because they love you more than they love themselves and don’t want to lose you. You know it’s wrong; you know they deserve better… but you let it happen. You break their heart just a little bit everyday and then one day you shatter it when you say “let’s be friends”. You never wanted to be friends you just said it to put a leash on the voice of guilt in your mind. You gave them promises wrapped in gold and silver string: empty promises. “I’ll never leave you” and “I’ll always love you”. They believed every syllable of your lies because they saw the good in you. But what’s worse, is that you come back. You come back even though you know you shouldn’t because they deserve to fly freely, let their wings heal and then find a partner that is worthy of their light… but you are selfish. You come back and they light up with hope. Hope that “it’ll work this time”. But it doesn’t because you go through the same cycle and you leave them more scattered than before. Let them go. Let them find the ones who truly deserve them- let them be happy. If you really love them; then their happiness means more to you than your selfish tendencies. For those of you who know you deserve better, walk away and float towards your own self love. The right person will come for you- don’t go looking; they may have even found you already.