If You Love Fashion And Beauty, Safiya Nygaard Will Become Your Newest Obsession


Safiya Nygaard started out as a video producer at Buzzfeed in April of 2015. She was mostly known for her position in LadyLike where she created makeup and fashion content to encourage, empower, and entertain other women.

In 2017, Safiya ended up leaving the company and made a video explaining her decision.

Now, Safiya creates videos that consistently receive¬†millions of views. Not only are her videos entertaining, but they are educational. It’s clear she does her research before turning on her camera. The level of detail and planning involved in her videos is impressive.

If you’re into fashion and beauty but are bored of watching the same basic tutorials, then you’re going to love Safiya’s content. She has a series where she dresses like she’s living in different decades for the week (and even a video where she dresses like different Bratz dolls for the week).

She also has several videos where she tries different shopping platforms so you don’t get ripped off yourself. You can see her experience with Wish, with Romwe, and with different beauty boxes. She has also purchased the first five things that came up with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Snapchat ads so you can see if the recommendations are actually worth your time.

If you’re more into makeup than fashion, then she has a series where she creates franken-products by mixing every type of a singular product together. She has done this with her lipsticks, highlighters, foundations and eye shadows.

She has also bought a full face of make-up while blindfolded, tried 18-hour lipstick, and had her boyfriend Tyler (who appears in most of her videos alongside her) do her makeup.

The best thing about Safiya is that she loves her subscribers. One of the reasons why she left Buzzfeed was because she wasn’t allowed to engage with her audience as much as she would have liked. And recently, she created a video where she let her subscribers choose her hair color. (Spoiler Alert: She looks gorgeous.)

Safiya is a YouTuber you’re going to want to keep an eye on because she is clearly passionate about what she does, she is dedicated to making quality videos, and she is appreciative of her subscribers. She is the kind of person who deserves her success — and is sure to have even more in the years to come.¬†