If You Loved Them With Your Everything Then Don’t Regret It


You loved them wholeheartedly and appreciated them the way they were. You let your guard down by inviting them into your broken heart and held their hands on those nights when they were terrified and alone.

You stuck by them through those times, when giving up was the only way. But you still believed in their dreams and worked hard to make it your own.  Now when it’s over, it crushes your soul as they slowly walk away from you and your life, leaving behind tears of regrets.

You beat your self down with all the self-doubts and insecurities, which you thought  YOU had kept locked away in your heart. You swallowed your pride for the sake of your love and apologized every time the voices seemed to grow. You did everything you could, to make it last. 

So now when it is over, don’t regret it. Don’t curse the stars or blame your heart for all the pain it had cost you. Don’t let yourself believe that you are difficult to be loved and don’t deserve to be appreciated.

All the random selfless things that you did out of love, shows how beautifully rare and valuable you are in this world. And you truly deserve every bit of love and care because you chose to love them at a time when your own heart was aching.

It is sad that it had to end the way it did but it was not your fault.  Sometimes, all the love in the world is not enough to make someone stay. Sometimes they don’t value your presence in their life as much as they should and choose to walk away. And to be honest, it is okay! cause your love is as deep as an ocean and they were not capable of giving you the love you truly deserve.

So don’t regret it now when it’s over because you will love again and not be bitter about your previous choices for long. Thank those, who came into your life and gave you some wonderful memories. Thank them cause they evoked in you the feelings of selfless love and kindness. Thank them cause they made your realise how truly capable you are.