If You Only Watch One DNC Convention Speech, You Have To Watch This Father Of A Slain Muslim American Soldier


There were a lot of powerful speeches at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, but perhaps none as powerful as Khizr Khan’s.

It was a quintessentially American speech. An immigrant to our country extolling the virtues — and sacrifice — it takes to be an American. In the case of Mr. Khan, his sacrifice was his son.

After graduation, his son Humayun Khan joined the United States Army to fight in Iraq. In 2004, during a gate inspection outside his camp, a car sped toward the base. Khan immediately warned his fellow troops of the oncoming vehicle, and stepped forward to order it to stop. The car — containing 200 pounds of explosives — detonated, killing Khan immediately.

This heroic act of courage, in defense of his country, was from someone who Donald Trump would now want to ban from entering the United States.

The speech is only seven and a half minutes long, but you’ll hang onto every word:

It’s really quite moving.

Indeed, Mr. Khan’s speech might be one of the most impactful of the entire convention. Nate Goldman pointed out that Google searches for voter registration surged as his speech came to an end.


Our Muslim brothers and sisters are allies — not enemies — in the War on Terror. How could you tell Mr. Khan anything different?