If You Respect Him, You Shouldn’t Expect Him To Deal With These 11 Things


You deserve respect. But your boyfriend does, too.

1. He shouldn’t have to guess what’s running through your mind. If you’re mad at him, tell him. If you’re proud of him, tell him. Don’t make him try to figure out what you’re thinking about.

2. He shouldn’t have to buy you presents to prove his love for you. Yes, gifts are always nice, but they don’t mean more than words do. They don’t mean more than a back rub or a hug do.

3. He shouldn’t have to convince you that he would never cheat on you. If you’re with the right person, then you’ll automatically trust him, because his actions will prove that he would never hurt you. He won’t have to spell it out for you, because you’ll already know where he stands.

4. He shouldn’t feel guilty about having a life of his own. When he goes out with his friends, you shouldn’t remind him that you’re going to be sitting home all alone while he’s out having fun. Don’t make him feel bad for doing something he should be doing — having a life that doesn’t 100% revolve around his relationship.

5. You shouldn’t expect him to laugh it off when he catches you flirting with someone else — even if you did it for the sole purpose of making him jealous. You wouldn’t like it if he complimented another girl’s ass, and guess what? He won’t like it if you compliment another guy’s abs, either.

6. You shouldn’t expect him to pay for everything — unless you’ve already had a lengthy discussion about how he’s going to take care of the bills and you’ll take care of the housework, and you both agreed to it. Otherwise, you should be chipping in for food and splitting the rent money. Relationships are about teamwork.

7. He shouldn’t have to deal with you tossing plates and yelling curses at him. Even if you get into an argument, you should still treat him with respect. You should still know where the line is and refrain from crossing it.

8. He shouldn’t be treated like crap by your family and friends. If they don’t like him, they can make it clear without making him feel completely uncomfortable. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like an outsider if you view him as family.

9. You shouldn’t make everything about you. Sex should be about the both of you. Conversations should be about the both of you. You shouldn’t focus so much on your own problems that you forget that his exist.

10. He shouldn’t have to wait hours for a response from you. If you honestly care about him and don’t want him to worry, then you’ll answer his texts before the sun rises the next morning.

11. He shouldn’t have to deal with any of the crap that you wouldn’t want to deal with. Treat him how you want to be treated — and expect him to return the favor.