If You Start To Miss Her, Stop Right There


if you start to miss her, stop right there.

if you think, “maybe I’ll just ask how she’s doing”

stop right there.

this girl,

eyes wide and heart on her sleeve.

you promised this girl you would never leave.

but she was too much of some things you didn’t like

not enough of what you wanted.

her love overflowed—

it left you to exhaustion.

her jealousy, unable to be controlled

feelings, spilling all over without caution.

she’s a wound you don’t want to re-open

don’t you see, she can’t be fixed

by the reason why she’s broken.

if you start to miss her, stop right there.

If you think, “maybe we could be friends again”

stop right there.

with boundary lines so fine,

everything will be too blurry and hard to define.

she’ll wait for your replies for way too long,

if they shorten, she’ll wonder if she did something wrong.

every flattering word you say “just to be nice”

will be overanalyzed as some poetic love device.

so if start to miss her,

if you think “I like her. not romantically, but just for who is she is”

stop right there.

because your simple appreciation

will be misguided as a hidden motivation.

she’ll think she has a chance

when in reality, you don’t even give her a second glance.

so if you start to miss her, stop right there.

don’t ask how she’s doing, don’t be her friend

we all know very well how this will end.

she wants so badly to let go

but you know she is bad at saying no.

she is trying to keep herself whole,

but she has no self-control.

she may be forgiving, tender and kind

but she is someone you left behind.

so if you start to miss her, stop right there and think

perhaps it was meant to fall apart

so she could finally have

a better start.