If You Want To Change You Have To Let Go Of The Person You Used To Be


Goodbyes are sad and happy at the same time, I know because I had a few of those. Had to say goodbye to people I care about. It’s not all sad and sappy, sometimes you just have to see the deeper meaning of goodbyes. They say “there’s always good in goodbye”, I used to hate that phase and I used to ask “what’s good in there? It’s still Goodbye all together.” But now I thought wrong, all this time I’m seeing only the sad part of Goodbyes but now that I experienced one of the saddest time of my life I saw the deeper meaning of it.

I had to say goodbye to my friends and get new ones. Change is inevitable they say, guess that’s true. I need to move forward and in order to do that I had to let go of the things in my comfort zone but it doesn’t mean I have to completely let those go. I can always see them and catch up to them but for now I have to focus on my goal and that is to be good in my new chosen career. I took this new path knowing I have to let go of my old path.

I realized that in order to be a new person I have to let go of my old self.

If I want a new start I have to let go of a few things. We can’t have all of them at the same time. If we want a new one get rid of the old ones. Sad but true, in other words life is fair. We can’t have all the things we have because that’s just how life works, how living works.

We can still browse all the old photos, all the good times we had. The memories won’t go away, that will stay for a very long time. I won’t probably see them as often as we used to but I want them to know that I’m still a friend, a colleague and a special part of their lives just like how those people are special to me. I will always be here for the people I care about.

I learned a lot and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that I had, the friendship I made and the memories will be cherished for as long as I live.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the things that made me a better person.

I guess when you have to start all over again there’s the fear of failing and giving up. The road I’m about to take will be rough and it will not be easy. All I can say is I’m pretty sure that I’ll learn a lot along the way, I’ll meet new people and I’ll grow not just as a person but also career wise.

It’s not easy to start again from scratch, I will fall one too many times but I will stand up every single time and I assure you, I will not give up. Change is good, change is constant.

So when you are going through this kind of phase in your life, please know that everything will be easy again. Eventually this path you’re leading will be your new comfort zone. It’s not all hardship and failures, but also every fall is a success in the end. There’s always rainbow after the rain. You’re going to be just fine, you just have to do what you have to do. Just enjoy the journey because someday when all the hardship paid off you’re going to tell your story to someone else and you’re going to inspire them. Just know that your story is worth sharing.