If You Want To Create Your Own Reality, You Need These 3 Things


I’m sure we have all heard the phrase: You create your own reality. This is true. We create our reality absolutely, and we do so through our thoughts and feelings based upon our beliefs, our choices, our desires, our imagination, and our expectations.

The core of the reality that we experience can be divided into three elements:

1. Desire

2. Imagination

3. Expectancy


We all have, at some level, a desire to consciously influence the reality that we are experiencing. The process of creation is accomplished through our beliefs and through our desires. And one of the techniques that may assist us in this conscious creation process is to understand what it is that we desire, to be very specific.

Our desires must be specific and within the limits of what we believe is possible. When we choose desires that are within our capabilities of achieving, then we begin to experience the feelings of accomplishment, of self-love and feelings of deserving. We must be very specific in our desires and we must desire that which is attainable, that which we can accomplish.

Now. There are those people who would express desires that seem to be beyond their limits, that seem to be very, very difficult for them to accomplish. The key word there is seem. The only limitations to your creation process are your unspecific desire, vague imagination, unsure expectancy and your limiting beliefs.


The universe is limitless. The only limits to the universe are the ones that we put upon it. There is no limit to what it is possible for us to create and to achieve. Our lack of imagination is our limitation. Imagination is a very important part of our creation process. All the inventions and all of the luxuries and comforts that we experience today are as the result of someone’s imagination. And the more specific the imagination is, the more specific the creation is.

We must use our imagination to understand and to experience what it would be like to have that desire that we have put in place

We must be specific in our imagination

We must feel it and touch it and smell it

We must use all of our senses to imagine what it would be like to experience that which we desire

And then, we must have the expectation to bring it into our reality. Have the expectation that that spark of consciousness that we are can create the reality that we desire.

And if we don’t like our reality, we can use our imagination to conjure up the type of reality that we would desire to experience.

If you can imagine it, if you can comprehend it, you can create it.

For once again, the only limitation to our creation process is our imagination.

What is necessary is that we employ the imagination. What is necessary is that we use the imagination to the greatest ability. For that repetitive visualization of certain images can spur the subconsciousness to create the reality that we desire to experience.


The last element is expectancy. We do need to have the expectation to bring our desires and our imagination into our reality. We must expect that that spark of consciousness that we are can create the reality that we desire. If we expect to achieve it, then we must have the expectation. And we can definitely create or alter the reality that we desire. It’s our reality. It’s our creation.

Right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative, is a human consciousness concept that does not exist at the level from which we create our reality. That spark of consciousness that we are validates our belief systems without exception gives to us that which we desire based upon our expectations. If our expectations are such that we don’t think we’re going to achieve what it is that we’re attempting to create, that we don’t expect that this method or technique that we’ve chosen will work, then the spark of consciousness that we are creates that reality. It does so with the same effort that it would take to create any other reality that we might think we desire.

And so, if we don’t like who we are and we desire to have this positive or a joyous or a very desirable reality, but we don’t expect it because we don’t think we’re worthy of it, then the spark of consciousness that we are grants that wish. It validates that we’re not worthy.

The spark of consciousness that we are:

  • gives us the reality based upon who we think we are, not upon who others think we are
  • validates our belief systems, not someone else’s belief systems
  • validates our expectations, not someone else’s expectations of us


DESIRE. Reach further and desire with feeling. Let your desires come alive with the depth of your feelings. Let your desires be filled with emotion.

IMAGINATION. When you have an imagination that is active, it is fueled by a powerful will. And when you have a will that is active, it is fueled behind by a powerful imagination. Let yourself stretch what you can imagine.

EXPECTANCY. The most intricate and the most involved of the tools of reality creation is expectancy. What do you expect? Do you expect that the method or technique that you’re utilizing to create your reality will work? Do you expect to manifest your preferred reality?

It is these three together that form the base or the core of the tools with which we can sculpt our reality.