If You Want To Escape Your Pain, You Must First Sit With It


What’s on the other side of all this pain?

We want to know and understand it all right now.

How does it all change, if anything does change, and what does that look like?

Before we’ve actually lived it and come through it, we want to try and anticipate the outcome and the lesson.

Maybe we do this to disassociate from the discomfort that comes with uncertainty and feeling helpless.

If we can hurry up and anticipate the reason and fate, then maybe we can circumvent the uncomfortable process of living the unanswered questions.

All of the unknowns, uneasiness, and worry has us feeling uncomfortable and like flying without a net.

But instead of seeing and interpreting those feelings as suffering, if we sit with those raw feelings and become intimate with them, maybe it’s our pathway to peace.

Maybe all of our anticipation is the real cause of our anxiety.

How can we be looking for answers to questions we haven’t lived yet and are nowhere near prepared or able to receive answers for?

Maybe all we need to be doing right now is live and be with our own individual, unique, uncomfortable, inconvenient moments and experiences without projecting ahead.

Just be with all of it without judgement and allow for grace.

Can we change our pattern of seeking some kind of resolution and avoid the urge to go this way or that way?

Can we stay right here in this spot without covering up the pain?

There is rest there if you wait for it.

How will you be ready for whatever may be coming ahead if you haven’t become one with what’s happening right now at every moment, no matter how uncomfortable it feels?

Sit with it.

Be with it.




Whatever it may be.

And leave the outcome to destiny.