If You Wish You Had A Better Life, Read This


Someone asked me, “If you could wish for anything that would improve your life, what would it be?” But the real question was, what would I not wish for?

I would wish to be successful. I would wish to travel spontaneously. I would wish I didn’t have student debt. I would wish for a new car. I would wish to own the newest brands of clothing and shoes. I would wish to be so wealthy my problems would be nonexistent. But if I had everything I wished for at that moment, what would life mean? What would life mean without hardships? What would life mean without love or friendships? How would life be without the impactful events that are meant to shape us?

If you ask me now, I would say a better life would involve overcoming hardships that seemed impossible at first. A better life would be learning from my mistakes and bettering myself after. A better life would be falling down and getting back up again. A better life would be a roller coaster passing through happiness, hurt, hope, failure, and courage. A better life would conclude to all my efforts, hopes, and dedication. A better life would not mean having everything you want; it would mean the amount of battles you fought to get everything you want.

Take a moment and remember your lowest point in life and look at yourself now. Look at how much you’ve grown or even recognize the slightest improvement. The more obstacles we face, the more we learn about ourselves. Our battles are only preparing us for our future.

We’re so hypnotized by the materialistic mentality that we hurt ourselves by wishing for more. You shouldn’t have to belittle your possessions because you see someone with something better. If you had the chance to wish for anything, it would only be temporary. If everything was handed to you, you would never know the true meaning of appreciation. Sometimes we have to be broke to learn how to manage money wisely. Sometimes we have to be impulsive so we can learn how to think before we act. You could still get everything you wish for, but remember, the greatest things in life are earned. Everything begins with you. You will get there, don’t give up.