If Your Boyfriend’s Ex Does Any Of These 17 Things, She’s Definitely Trying To Get To You


She’s not really over him. You suspected that from the beginning, but you told yourself you were just being paranoid, and you don’t want your boyfriend to think you’re the clingy jealous type right? (Even if maybe you are). Here’s how you tell if she’s actually a psycho playing mind games with you.

1. She returns some random belonging of his that she still has for some reason to you instead of him.

2. She tells everyone she knows that she and he are just on a break.

3. She “accidentally” texts or emails you with some back handed compliment about you that was “supposed” to be sent to him. Woops my bad…

4. When a problem erupts in his life she offers to “help” and “make him feel better”.

5. She texts him with lots of less than 3s and smiley faces.

6. She texts YOU with a lot of less than 3s and smiley faces as a thin veil for her hatred of you.

7. A friend of hers asks you why you like him. Middle School style.

8. She offers to watch your pets while you two are away, like she won’t snoop around.

9. She wishes you or him the best of luck in your relationship. Yeah right.

10. She gets his attention by claiming she’ll become suicidal if he doesn’t come back to her, but around you she looks well put together.

11. She still knows his work schedule and “runs into him” from time to time on her way to something else.

12. She’s got your schedule down too, and you just love seeing her in the hallways.

13. She applies to work at both your job and his job even if she has no interest or experience in the field.

14. Her Facebook profile picture is still a picture of her and him hugging or kissing. (Whether they ended it a month ago or five years ago.)

15. Even though you blocked her that same picture keeps coming up on your news feed by way of her friends. (You’re about ready to just ditch Facebook altogether.)

16. She mails him their old love letters to YOUR address. Honestly how obvious can she be?

17. She puts a picture of herself in his car, on the PASSENGER side mirror. (He didn’t even know it was there because he always drives his own car). That’s fun when you go to check your eyeliner and you see that. (Better yet it’s that same old Facebook picture of them together.)

You’re really pissed off now, and that’s exactly what she wants. Maybe your boyfriend is the nice guy who wants to stay friends with his exes simply because he doesn’t want to be mean. Or maybe he’s scared of rejecting people. Men don’t usually understand right away that women play a different game called manipulation. Show him the evidence and explain it to him as best as you can. Let him know that while men are direct with each other, women are not. Hopefully he’ll be convinced that their “friendship” is not worth losing you, but don’t give him an ultimatum, and explain it to him when you’re calm! Remember that creating a rift between you and him is what she was hoping for all along with these “subtle” methods, so tread lightly. Best of luck to you two! (Seriously I mean that…I haven’t dated your boyfriend.)