If You’re Doubting Yourself, Remember These 8 Things Make You A Beautiful Person


The darkness-of-the soul days are real for many. These are the days when you doubt yourself, your skills, your abilities, your self-worth. Maybe you start questioning who you are, your value as a person. You look in the mirror and wonder if what you see there is your true reflection. These moments will pass. Hang in tight, and stay true to yourself. Remind yourself that you are a beautiful person on the inside, no matter what. Here are eight reasons why you are a beautiful human being; remember these during low times.

Your smile

Your smile makes you look beautiful. The warmth of your smile reflects your feelings, your inner world; it reflects who you are as a person. An authentic smile is priceless. It shows in your eyes; it allows your beauty to glow from within. Your smile is a burst of sunshine that brightens your day and the day of those around you. People recognize the beauty of a smile; they appreciate it and return it even to a smiling stranger.

Your laughter

Your laughter can be gleeful, hearty, boisterous, guttural, silvery, hilarious, hysterical, uninhibited; it can be anything because it’s yours. It’s your signature, the way you react to funny things, the way you handle humor and playfulness. When you laugh spontaneously, you show your appreciation of life; you reveal an upbeat and optimistic attitude. Laughter is a way to express yourself and embrace life.

Your tears

Your tears also make you look beautiful – even if you don’t believe it! You don’t have to be ashamed of your tears. Maybe it’s hard for you to acknowledge that painful feelings are normal, maybe you’re not comfortable knowing that others see your vulnerability. You’re probably ashamed to admit how you feel. Yet for all these reasons, it’s crucial for you to know that you’re still a beautiful person. During difficult times you become more human, you show your sensitive side, you allow your shared vulnerability to shine through. Instead of hiding your feelings, you let them gracefully to manifest; this is a heartfelt and authentic way of communicating with your inner self and those around you.


Your kindness

Your kindness is another element that makes you beautiful. Acts of kindness, big or small, have an impact on others around you. Little things make a big difference; they add quality to your routine and allow you to see yourself in a different light. Acts of kindness have ripple effects; they are the pebble that creates calm, smooth circles on the water’s surface. When you perform acts of kindness, you have an immediate impact on other people’s lives. And the benefit returns to you, in a most karmic way. You may hold the door open for the person behind you or give your place in line to an older individual, or simply allow a car to cut you without honking. The examples of kindness are countless. When you do a small good deed, and you don’t expect a trade-off, then you get the most significant benefit: a positive feeling that springs from within, the knowledge that this act you performed helped make the world around you a little better. And that positive feeling lifts you up, allows you to feel better, and the good mood is contagious, and you see it spreading around. You get in touch with your beautiful self – and others see this beauty of your soul reflected in your face.

Your empathy

Empathy is your ability to understand how someone else feels, to be able to emotionally get into their shoes and understand their emotions, their motives, and their story, even if you don’t agree with how they feel or why they feel that way. When you start trying to imagine how another feels or thinks, you try to see the world through their eyes. That lessens their emotional burden. Your recognition allows the other person to feel more understood and less alone. Your inner beauty shines through.

Your love

When you love, you offer the gift of positive regard and acceptance to the other. Love can be for your friends, family, your pet, the planet, the nature around you. Love is a precious gift you give to others and yourself. To love others, you have to love yourself first. Love gives you encouragement, support, hope, and a sense of connection. Love does make the world go round!


Your friendship

Another element that makes you beautiful is the friendship you offer to those around you. It could be the deep friendship ties you have with people from your childhood or teen years. It could be friendships you’ve made recently, with people you’ve known recently, and you didn’t even expect to have so much in common. It can also be your friendly mood, a more open attitude that makes you look friendly and approachable, which communicates something positive and hearty.


Your confidence

Another sign that shows your beauty is the confidence you have in yourself and your strengths. And don’t rush to say you don’t have much self-confidence! I know you do! You got to read this article to the end, which shows that no matter how you struggle today, you have a seed of confidence inside you; the belief that you can make it, that you will survive, that you will get out of this situation. Trust yourself, trust the process, and allow yourself to walk your path with a sense of inner glow.