If You’re Going To Have Faith In Something, Have Faith In Yourself


You weren’t destined to cross paths with him. You weren’t destined to start a conversation with him. You weren’t destined to kiss him and make love to him and fall head over heels for him.

You two melted together, because you decided that you wanted to be together. That you’d be happier as a couple than you’d be apart. You chose each other. And you’re still choosing each other — every single day.

Don’t let the universe, or some unseen entity, take all of the credit. You deserve the credit. You’re the one that put effort into you relationship, even when it would’ve been easier to leave. You’re the one that stayed up late for four straight years to earn your diploma. You’re the one that dressed for an interview, answered questions, and landed the job.

You’re the one that set the course of your future. 

Does luck have something to do with it? Of course. What about Jesus or Shiva or whatever spiritual being you believe in? Maybe that plays a part, too. But neither luck nor religion should diminish the fact that you’ve kicked ass.

You’re the reason for the good things in your life. You earned them. You deserve them.

Destiny wasn’t the reason you found your future husband or landed your dream job or met your best friend. It might feel like destiny, because it feels so right, but the universe didn’t magically grant your wishes, because you were a good girl. You did that.

You worked hard to get where you are. You woke up at 6 AM. You worked through your lunch breaks. You listened to the teacher drone on in class. You forced yourself to be productive when all you wanted to do was fall back asleep — you you you. 

Why would the idea of destiny be a comfort to you? Isn’t it better to know that a cosmic force isn’t propelling you toward the right person or the right job? That your own choices, the decisions you purposely made, brought you to the right places? That you’ve had a hand in establishing your life? That you alone have the power to turn your future into anything you want it to be?

Give yourself more credit, because even if destiny does play a part in your life, it’s a background character and you’re the lead actress.

You made your life what it is today. And you should love yourself for that.