If You’re Looking For A Sign That Your Situation Will Change, This Is It


This world is full of miracles and unexpected happenings.

You’ve been laboring, you’ve been pressing, you’ve been weeping, you thought this world forgot your name, and you are at the point of giving up. You are in divine desperation and asking for signs to see your situation change. Life CAN change, and your life CAN turn around when you’ve lost all hope.

You’ve been waiting, you’ve been trusting, you’ve been taking prophetic action and need confirmation of your miracle. You’ve been devastated with the circumstances in life and perhaps “broke up” with your reality because you felt abandoned and betrayed.

Your heart is sick and mangled, but your suffering isn’t forsaken. Your tears are witnessed in the midnight hours of isolation, and in those moments, you are silently embraced.

You have not missed your chance at happiness, you are not crazy, you are not insignificant, and you are not unworthy. Your life may be different—you’re scared, you’re hurting, and this world is changed.  Maybe how you did things in the past was not supported, and now you are ascending into something greater.

You don’t need to conform anymore, and the only way to climb that spiritual mountain is to go within. No one is going to give you the clarity or the answers you need. Truth can only come from YOU. You must see, hear, and feel what your inner being wants you to know, and that requires you to quiet your mind.

There must be a death, so to speak, before your life can begin. A death of your old life and the death of your old thought patterns need to take place so that something better can replace it. Listen to your soul and you will hear the message that is meant for you.

This illusion of life is real, and even if it seems like it is beating you down, without the contrast of the bad, the good would not exist. You would not know what happiness was unless you felt sadness. Your thoughts are your paintbrush, and your emotions are the indicators of where your thoughts are taking you. You have a gift of creation and action; your life is meant to explore, and it is truly what you make of it.

If you’re reading this and looking for a divine sign that your situation will change, this is it.