If You’re Not Enjoying The Little Things, You’re Failing


It’s about 7 o’clock. The sun’s shining into our living room. The window’s open. A gentle breeze is wafting through. Birds are chirping. The American Dollar is playing lightly on Pandora. And I’m sitting here with my wife, reveling in the simplicity of this wonderful moment.

Life is cluttered. Things to do, people to see, meetings to be had, kids to feed, spouses to nurture, animals to take care of, books to read, events to attend, dinner parties to throw. Much like the last sentence, there’s often too much going on. One of the great crimes of life is becoming so enveloped by everything going on that we miss out – yes, you’re missing out – on little joys found in the mundane.

There are sociological, psychological, biological, and neurological reasons why it’s good to relax, to stop and smell the roses regularly. Aside from all of that, if you’re too caught up in the rigmarole of your life to slow down long enough to actually taste the coffee you’re funneling, you’re missing the point.

We’re given emotions: happy, sad, stressed, bedraggled, exuberant. We’re given senses: sight, smell, touch, etc. We feel things. Life isn’t just about survival, but thriving. It’s about using those feelings and those senses innate in us to experience the universe in all its infinite, beautiful detail.

If you’re not stopping to enjoy the little things, you can’t be a fulfilled person. You’re neglected traits and genes that allow you to, well, be filled with joy! Aspects of your character which have developed in you so that you can be the most and the best and the happiest [whatever] you want!

If you’re not enjoying the little things, you can’t be benefitting others and the world in any tangible or lasting way. You’re too focused on one thing or a few to experience the big picture.

Appreciation comes in the details. Just ask any architect or musician about why they admire whoever they admire. Happiness comes with finding contentment in the small things of everyday, in the laughter of loves ones, a stranger’s charity, or a sunset.

If you’re not paying attention to all the beautiful, wonderful things around you in nature and that people are doing everyday, you’re missing out. If you’re not enjoying the little things, you’re failing.