If You’re Struggling To Find Yourself, Read This


Nowadays, the pressure to be something is greater than ever before. So much so that people will inherently become something that they’re not, all in order to make the people around them happy, as opposed to worrying about their own happiness and well-being. Perhaps this is the reason why many people drag themselves through life, rather than thrive in a world that gives us connection to something much greater than just ourselves—because we choose to focus on what’s wrong with us rather than what’s right.

And more importantly, we choose to lean into other’s opinions rather than leaning into our own purpose in life.

Social media unfortunately doesn’t make this any better for us. It paints a “picture perfect” life that ultimately makes us feel even worse while comparing our journey and where we’re currently at with someone else and where they’re currently at. But the truth is not what it seems, and if you’re struggling to find yourself, you are not alone.

This is a gentle reminder that there truly is no rush in life. That your journey might not be the same as someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t slowly but surely finding your way and following the path carved out in front of you.

This is a gentle reminder that you don’t need to rush the process of your life and place all of your happiness on a pedestal that elicits happiness to be conditional and dependent on external things and circumstances. That happiness can be found in where you are now, and better yet, who you are right now, even if you are still figuring yourself out.

This is a gentle reminder that you may feel behind at times, and social media may make you feel inferior for not being where you’re “supposed” to be, but at the very same time, you are exactly where you need to be in order to receive the growth and lessons that are guiding your way and directing your sails. You are where life has brought you based on the manifestation of your past.

This is your gentle reminder to show yourself kindness, compassion, and love during an uncertain time. It’s so easy to bash, judge, and criticize ourselves for our mistakes and regrets. But what’s truly inspiring to others is seeing someone embrace their past failures and using them to grow as an individual. Using their past errors to better themselves and learn from their mistakes, rather than loathe them and wish you had done them differently.

This involves a special degree of kindness and empathy towards one’s self. And to me, that’s more inspiring than achieving anything you possibly could in the outside world, because the battle from within truly is the key to accomplishing the battle from without.

Because too often, we don’t trust the path that we’re on. For so long, I was that person that would constantly need to get to the goal I was chasing in order to feel happy and complete. But at the very same time, it was that need to figure myself out that was stopping me from actually doing so. Trust where you are right now and allow the pieces to fall in place as they may. It may in fact surprise you how they all fall into place, and that’s the best part of life—the beauty in the unpredictability of it all.

There is no need to rush. There is no place to be other than here. Be patient with yourself and life will always show you the way. Have faith, but most of all, have compassion for the person who truly matters the most when it’s all set and done: yourself.