Here Is The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For


Here is what I know for sure: Now is not the right time to do that thing you’ve been waiting to do.

But of course you already knew that. If you didn’t, you would not be home reading this link – you would be out in the field, Doing The Thing. Out relishing in it. Out tasting it. You’d be wrapped up in the glorious bliss of having Done The Thing and you’d have no time for articles that mull over the maybes and should-I’s that come along with not knowing what to do. But alas, here we are – in the depths of your basement (or perhaps on your phone on the bus), actively not Doing The Thing, because the timing is wrong.

“Except here’s the unfortunate truth: The stars aren’t going to align. Not for you. Not for this thing. If you keep waiting for the right time you will likely be waiting forever and that’s something I don’t want to see happen – not to you.”

It always seems to be, doesn’t it? Life has this funny, unnatural habit of presenting everything just a little too early or a moment too late. We are constantly trying to catch up with the rhythm of our own distraught existences, racing against them with fervor then slowing our pace to a crawl. We want signs and affirmations but the universe offers us none. We want a door to appear, labeled RIGHT THING THIS WAY but all we have are dead ends and steeply curved paths through the wilderness. I know. I’ve been walking them too.

There seems to never be a right for anything and yet we are constantly searching. Ever alert. Ever waiting, for the right path to appear in all its glory. We tell ourselves that we will be ready when our time comes but we’re not sure what our time would even look like. Is it the stranger you bumped into on the street last Tuesday night? Is it the job you are not sure if you’ll apply to? If only you were certain of the right path you would take it, and yet the Universe offers no clues. No certain pathways. And so you wait. And so we arrive at this place.

You’re here because you’re looking for a sign. We all are. Because you love someone but you’re afraid to tell them. Because you want something that you are too timid to ask for. Because you know, in your heart of hearts, who you are and what you would rather be doing with the spectacle that is your life but you are waiting for the stars to align before you go out there and get the thing done.

Except here’s the unfortunate truth: The stars aren’t going to align. Not for you. Not for this thing. If you keep waiting for the right time you will likely be waiting forever and that’s something I don’t want to see happen – not to you. Not with this thing. Because you want and love and admire this thing – if you didn’t you would not be reading this – and I want to see you achieve it. We all do. Ask anyone who loves and they will tell you the same – that they want to see you happy. Healthy. Fulfilled. And if this is the path you need to take to get there, then it is the path for you. The right path. The true choice. The door labeled RIGHT WAY HERE that you have got to walk through. I think you already know which door it is. You just want someone to push you to step through it. So here is your push.

If you were waiting for a sign, this is it.

Go out and do the thing. Win their heart. Get the job. Shoot for the moon and potentially fail with wild abandon but at least go home with the knowledge that you tried. This is your sign to go embrace life in all its chaotic glory, because you deserve to. Because you’re ready to. Because I believe in you and it sounds like you do too.

Now, the sign is not this article – sorry for any confusion. This article is simply a medium of expressing how much I want you to try for the thing. Your real sign, your actual, Universe-given sign, is the fact that you clicked on it in the first place. The fact that you read this, all the way to the bottom, hoping to find the push you’ve needed to go out and do the damn thing.

You are the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Your eagerness is the sign. Your decisiveness is the sign. Your understanding that what you want is no longer a vague, distant hope – it is a clear, attainable goal – is the sign that you need to go out and try for it. You don’t need to be pushed. You’re already standing on the edge of the thing that you want to do, so just let yourself fall into it. Let the hesitations go. Stop holding yourself back wondering whether or not this is the right time to do it.

Make it the right time. Make it the right choice.

Make this be the sign you’ve been waiting for.

thumbnail image – Riccardo Bandiera