If You’ve Ever Dealt With Internet Comments, You NEED To See This Hilarious Video


If you’ve had a wifi connection and access to the world wide web for even, I don’t know, a SECOND, you’ve probably dealt with at least one nasty comment online. And even though we repeat the “sticks and stones” rhyme or joke about how dumb and cowardly it is to call someone a name from behind a computer screen, those words can still get to you.

But Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin of YouTube’s Just Between Us were over that mentality, and decided to flip it on its head.

After dealing with body-shaming, slut shaming, and basically every delightful treat the internet has to offer, according to both gals, the comedy duo set out to make fun of the very thing that was bothering them: nasty internet comments. Last Monday they posted the sketch, “Don’t Read The Comments“, and it pretty well describes how we all feel when we make the mistake of scrolling to that blackhole at the bottom of every page.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWbNVGC-AzA&w=560&h=315]

“I wrote this sketch after a day of feeling terrible about myself,” said Raskin via email.

“I can’t remember the specifics, probably something to do with work or a bad hair day, but I felt awful and I wanted to harness it.

“Putting yourself out there on the Internet comes with the caveat that anyone at anytime can say whatever they want. Week after week I have to click an “approve” button so one guy can ask “Is Gaby a prostitute?” I don’t delete the comment because I don’t think it’s fair to make it appear that we have open comments while we are secretly censoring them.”

But despite dealing with sex-worker allegations, people getting up-in-arms about audio quality, and the ever popular “r u pregnant?” the girls maintain an incredibly solid perspective about the entire thing.

“It doesn’t matter what people write,” Raskin explained. “All that matters is how we respond to it. Writing [this sketch] all out shows how ridiculous it is. If someone asks you what’s wrong and you honestly reply, ‘I don’t think my shirt looks good,’ your ugly shirt suddenly loses some of its power over you. Just by saying it out loud. Also, sometimes I think our viewers don’t realize that we are real people and we see what they say. This was just a fun reminder.”

Even though people every now and then need a reminder that the person they’re calling some variation of a word that would have gotten them suspended in high school is just that, a person, both Raskin and Dunn seem to have a good handle on being so visible online. I’ll leave you with Raskin’s final words of wisdom that can keep us all grounded no matter what we’re doing on the world wide web.

“Being on the Internet is such a strange and wonderful thing. I wanted to show a not so pretty side of it while still keeping our sense of humor. Because if you can’t laugh at guy calling you a sellout for making money doing your job, you probably don’t have the backbone to survive Instagram [or any] comments.”

Take that, bigtimenerd987. *mic drop*

For more Just Between Us, check them out on YouTube.