If You’ve Ever Hated Your Job, This Book Will Make You Do Something About It


If you’ve ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut at work, or find yourself getting bored with your career path, there is a book that can help you rekindle a new spark.

I believe at some point in life everyone says to themselves, “I should start a business” but for most people the thought of starting their own business begins and ends there. If you’ve ever wanted to start a business, and you’re not even sure what kind of business you want to start, this book with help you figure it out.

Crush It, by Gary Vaynerchuk has been one of the three most influential books I have ever read. Coming from an educational background as a teacher, Crush It influenced me to start building a new career for myself, and eventually leave my position as a teacher.

It was the catalyst to me starting my own blog, writing three books and creating an online business centered around helping people with the Reality TV casting process. None of these things would have even crossed my mind had I not read Crush It.

There are TONS of business and entrepreneurial type books available, but here are five reasons why this one is definitely worth your time.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk is a modern day hustler. While most people shun the word “hustler” Gary Vaynerchuk embraces it and even writes the book in this style. He is brutally honest with a no-nonsense approach to teaching you what he has learned through his successful business ventures.

2. Defining what type of business you would like to start becomes much easier after reading this book. Gary forces you to really take a look within when reading this book. The idea of “it would be nice to start a business” will change into “this is the business I am going to start” somewhere in the middle of the book.

3. This book touches upon building a business in a social-media driven society. The focus of building the business is around what works in TODAY’S environment. It strongly takes into account the advantage of building a business online opposed to the traditional brick and mortar business.

4. After reading the personal stories combined with Gary’s “kick you in the face” style narrative, you will want to get started on your new business right away. Within the book it feels as if Gary is literally pleading and begging you to get started, which then results in personal action. If starting a business has ever crossed your mind and after reading this book you are still not motivated to begin, you never will.

5. Outside of everything else this book offers, it is actually fun to read. Learning about how Gary started from the bottom and worked his way up from being a clerk at his family wine store to the ridiculously successful entrepreneur that he is now makes this a very quick and fun read, even if you have very little interest in business.

Make no mistakes; Crush It is not your typical Business 101 textbook. This book will motivate you and will also make you question what you are currently doing for work, especially if you hate your job. It is a fresh, honest, and gritty approach to building a business around your passion. 

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