I’ll Always Show Up For The Ones I Care About


I cannot love in halves. I cannot love only when it’s convenient. I cannot love only when the time is right. I’ll always love when it’s totally wrong, when it’s totally inconvenient and when it’s hard because if you can’t be there for someone when things are not perfect and the stars are not aligning, then you still need to learn a thing or two about love. You still need to learn that the kind of love that matters is the kind of love that shows up when the world walks out. The kind of love that stays when the world leaves.

Because showing up is the hard part. It’s easy to say I love you. It’s easy to say I’ll be there for you when you need me. It’s easy to tell someone you care about them but it’s how you show up that counts. It’s how you show them that your words are credible. It’s how you show them that they can slowly trust you because you remember them when you’re busy and you ask about them when they’ve been distant. You take them out when they need a friend and you listen to them when they feel misunderstood. You give them a genuine piece of your heart even when their heart is broken.

Because showing up is not so much about what you get, it’s more about who you are, how you love and how you want to be remembered. And I want people to think of me as someone who showed up for them when they needed me. Someone who cared when no one else did. Someone who saw them when they were invisible.

I’d rather be the person who showed up than the person who walked away. I’d rather be known for loving too much than being stingy with my heart.

They say love is not enough because it’s harder to show up. It’s harder to give when you’re hurt and invest when you’re broken. It’s harder to be there when you see the worst side of someone. It’s harder to love someone who is struggling, someone who is going through their own hell and it’s harder to keep loving someone who can’t give you the same love in return.

But at the end of the day, I can only truly move on after I’ve firmly shown up for someone. I can only let go after I’ve held on a little longer than I should. I can only walk away after I’ve done everything I could to stay. That’s how you move on with no regrets. That’s how you move on without looking back.

That’s how you find it in your heart to love again after every heartbreak. When you show up for someone and they don’t take it, that’s when you walk away with your head held high because there was nothing more you could have done. You gave it your all. You didn’t let your heart miss a beat.