I’ll Keep Liking Your Photos And Let’s Pretend It’s Flirting


Hey there, cutie. We’ve never actually met in real life. But I randomly decided to add you on Facebook one day and it took off from there. You looked like one of my exes in your profile picture and the resemblance was uncanny, almost like you could have been twins. It’s what first drew me to your profile when you showed up in my “people you may know” section.

I decided to check out your profile. You had a really unique page with a unique message and it drew me in even further. Me and a few hundred other women, it seemed. You really know how to capture the attention of a female audience. I followed you on Instagram too, and to my delight, you followed me back. You have a decent-sized following, many of whom seem to be women.

I really liked your message so I started liking your photos and the posts you shared with the world. I don’t know what you are like in person, but if you are anything like the person you share with the world on your profile, you are the total package.

Even better, you like my photos back. Every time I see that you’ve liked one of my photos, my heart flutters a bit, and I get a bit tingly inside. The thing is, I don’t know if you are only doing it to promote your brand and keep your fans like myself interested, or if you are actually interested in me as a person.

These days it’s hard to tell. In my own dreamy mind, it’s kind of like we are flirting, by liking one another’s photos on social media. We haven’t spoken yet but I do hope you decide to slide into my DMs one day. You live far away but physical distance doesn’t mean much of anything when it comes to internet time and space. For now, we can keep flirting in this magical way. I’ll keep liking your photos like I’m your number one fan, and you can be mine.